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Over 25 years ago, teaching professional Steve Nelson started developing the only swing trainer to not only fix his swing, but the swings of golfers around the world. This technology can help you:

Introducing the Automatic Swing Trainer

"The Automatic Swing Trainer might just be the best swing trainer ever made for golf enthusiasts." Steve Nelson
Inventor of the AST

How it Works

Included with your Automatic Swing Trainer is an Instructional DVD that allows you to join best-selling author and golf swing superstar Nick Bradley as he, along with AST Inventor Steve Nelson, take you through all the steps and instruction you need to take full advantage of the Automatic Swing Trainer to transform your golf game.

Never has there been a swing trainer that you can use in home or in your office, on the course or in your yard, rain, snow, or shine. The Automatic Swing Trainer allows you to improve your golf game where ever you are.

"The Automatic Swing Trainer has allowed me to gain the distance while maintaining my accuracy." Ashton Casper
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